Institute of Jesus Priest





Institute of Jesus Priest: Secular Institute for Priests

The Institute of Jesus Priest is a secular institute for Catholic Diocesan Priests and Bishops.

This secular institute is a work of The Society of St. Paul and is associated to it.  The Society of St. Paul is the 'altrice' Congregation (The source of Spiritual Guidance) of the Pauline Family which is composed of five religious congregations, four secular institutes, and one lay collaborators association, founded by Blessed Fr. James Alberione, in which The Institute of Jesus Priest is a part of.

The Pauline Family mission is to spread the Gospel and love of Jesus using all the means of modern media technology (Social Communications), and to address the spiritual needs of the world in a modern way.

This secular institute aims at combining personal perfection and ministerial activity, and contributes in giving a genuine spirituality to the diocesan priest.

The institute offers its members the profession of the Evangelical Counsels:  the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience to assist them in their own personal sanctification, and also to assist the priest in pastoral ministry by the help of making effective the use of the media of social communications for various apostolic endeavors.

The priests under obedience to their Bishop make effective use of the human, spiritual and supernatural gifts offered to them by the Pauline Family to better serve their people.  With a special regard for social communications the members try to draw people ever more closer to Jesus, The Way, The Truth and The Life.  Every aspect of parish and diocesan life is effected by social communications and the priest of today and tomorrow will have to devote themselves "for an effective evangelization" to the spread of the message of salvation.

Members of the institute are called to 'develop all their Christian and evangelical abilities, so that the divine message of salvation may become known and accepted by all mankind.'

The institute has as its 'patrons:'  Jesus The Divine Master, Mary Queen of Apostles and St. Paul the Apostle.

The nature and purpose of this institute is:


"To confer on everyone the maximum good, to help everyone with prayer, advice, word, ministry and example."    "I resolve not to miss any opportunity offered me by the Lord for the practice of Charity."

                                                                                                                                               Blessed Fr. James Alberione