Institute of Jesus Priest




The Beginning

In 1914 Blessed Fr. James Alberione founded the Pauline Family.  The Pauline Family first started with The Society of St. Paul and then grew into ten distinct religious institutes within Fr. Alberione's lifetime.

The Society of St. Paul

The Daughters of St. Paul

The Sister Disciples of the Divine Master

The Sisters of Jesus Good Shepherd

The Queen of Apostles Sisters

Institute of Jesus Priest

Institute of Saint Gabriel the Archangel

Institute of Our Lady of the Annunciation

The Holy Family Institute

Association of Pauline Cooperators

Each and all of these institutes are charged with the mission of bringing Jesus Christ, Way, Truth and Life, to mankind by using all the modern means of Social Communications.

The Pauline Family was born in Italy, and became an international congregation that has spread throughout the entire world.

In 1959 Blessed Fr. James Alberione gave life to the Institute of Jesus Priest.  Under the personal guidance of the Founder the institute was given its inner character and configuration in taking on the imitation of the Eternal Priest, Jesus Christ.  Fr. Alberione would state: "that the fruits of the institute offered to its members were, a special personal sanctification, a richer ministry for souls and a more generous service in the individual dioceses."

The man of God, Fr. Alberione, who was originally trained as a diocesan priest, was driven throughout his life founding and working for the Pauline Family.  Prayer, was his  'life force,' and through that prayer, the Institute of Jesus Priest, was approved by the Holy See on April 8th, 1960.

Blessed Fr. James Alberione


"Prayer 'made in the name of Jesus Christ' brings us perfect joy, which is eternal life."

                                                                                                    Blessed Fr. James Alberione